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Dynamic Agility

As a business, how you respond to sudden or imposed disruption (e.g. Covid-19) is critical to your organisation's sustainable success. At Goldsworthy Advisory, our suggestion is that you focus on the fundamentals that are actionable and add value to your business. Our interest is in working with small, medium enterprises (SMEs). Those businesses that don't have a lot of spare management capacity, time and resources. We are about practical guidance and tangible outcomes.

Business Management & Performance


  • Execute on competitive advantage
  • Customer engagement
  • Product / Service flexibility & alignment
  • Resilience
  • Monitor macro conditions


  • Working capital
  • Operations
  • P&L, balance sheet
  • Inventory
  • Supply chains
  • Distribution channels
  • Workforce skills
  • Industry / Sector dynamics


  • Short & long-term objectives
  • Data clarity to enable decision making
  • Adaptive infrastructure - physical + digital (ERM, CRM)
  • Skills - fit-for-purpose workforce


  • Value propositions
  • Step-forward plan
  • Business structure
  • Workflow management
  • Process optionality (ecommerce)
  • Risk management
  • Infrastructure

Why Mentors Can Help You

How mentors can help improve your career and your finances

29 May 2019—This article by David & Libby Koch explores how mentors can help improve your career and your finances.

Success in your career or managing your money can be so much easier with a little help from others. Tapping into someone else’s expertise and experience can provide invaluable guidance.

That’s why mentors are important. They have been so important in both our lives and why we always recommend for everyone to find their own.

Read the full article at news.com.au or couriermail.com.au or download a PDF of this article.

Understanding the Value Prospects of AI

While most of us are familiar with the idea of fintech, driverless cars, back-office automation, smart manufacturing etc., these really are, only the tip of the iceberg when trying to understand the future long-term and embedded value of AI. If wanting to understand the value prospects of AI, I suggest MIT Technology Review (Mar/Apr 2019) "Reinvent how we invent", Forge (Vol 5 #1 2019) "Preparing for the artificial intelligence revolution in medicine", and Wired (Mar/Apr 2019) "The Future of Work". Combined the articles give a valuable contemporaneous view of AI.
—Chris Goldsworthy

Many Pathways to Success

Originals, book by Adam Grant

You are starting a new business. You wish to accelerate the growth of your business. So many questions, so many doubts. You are not alone and there is more than one right answer. There are many pathways to success, so don't be seduced by group think or the latest prophecy from some guru. Fact - "One study of over three thousand startups indicates that roughly three out of every four fail because of premature scaling-making investments that the market isn't yet ready to support". Ch. 4 Fools Rush In, Originals, Adam Grant, 2016 p.105.
—Chris Goldsworthy